Online Teaching Certification Course

The Perfect Online Teacher?

Description of Training Session

This training course prepares instructors to develop and deliver a fully online course. This two-part course utilizes a project-based approach for course design and development with a problem-based approach centering on effective facilitation in the online learning environment. In a collaborative partnership with the instructional design consultants, participants work through a basic instructional design model to design a course blueprint and develop one course module in Sakai. Participants will also develop a framework of online best practice strategies for engaging, instructing, supporting, and communicating with students in the online environment.

Intended Audience

Full and part-time faculty new to online teaching as well as faculty interested in improving the effectiveness of their online course development and instruction.

Course Format

  • Online
  • Primarily asynchronous
  • Instructional design consultations
  • Approximately 8 weeks*

*The time needed to complete the course design blueprint in collaboration with the instructional design consultants can vary.

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June 23, 2014 - August 15, 2014 (GMT -06:00 Central Time (US & Canada))

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Participants (12)

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    • Sandi Tenfelde

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    • Phyllis Ann Solari-Twadell

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    • Cathlin Poronsky

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    • Leann Horsley

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    • C Katie Clarke

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    • Junoo Tuladhar

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    • Nadine Parise

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    • Linda Janusek

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    • Ann Andreoni